Press Release Writing

A press release is a most important part of a company. About 87% of companies publish press releases each day. A press release is significant and needs to be authentic because it has announcements regarding your company’s services, new products, or information about any upcoming event. 

Also, it is an ideal way to introduce any new thing or keep your respected clients from your company’s recent happenings. It is the most affordable and convenient way to make your prospective clients up to date with your business. Many organizations publish a press release on their true stories of the company. 

Why Is Press Release Writing Important?

A press release is a piece of information that a company shares with media bodies or journalists about the current happenings of their companies. With the help of journalists and media bodies, they can easily target their audience via electronic media. 

Also, writing a press release helps many small businesses or entrepreneurs to stay connected and engage a large audience. Many companies don’t take press releases seriously and as a result, they failed to connect with their traffic. That’s why writing a press release is important for a company. 

Why Consider Loop Of Words For Press Release Writing?

LOOP of WORDS is inclined to provide remarkable services to its customers. We are not just an organization but a trusted and supportive professional agency that can provide high-quality content to our clients. 

We understand the worth of your brand and your concern about the market image. We have a team of professional press release writers who can provide high-quality and impactful press releases. They have years of experience and have written many newsworthy press releases for well-known brands. 

Also, they have the skills and creative minds to make your press release well-oriented and imperative. So, don’t need to worry about your brands’ image when the LOOP of WORDS is here. Book our expert writers and enjoy our high-quality services. 

Why Loop Of Words Is Different?

Our experienced writers are willing to provide creative and authentic content. Also, they are well-aware of the techniques and specifications of press release writing. They are SEO experts as well so can write unique content for your brand. 

We care for your money and time, that’s why we are offering high-quality work at affordable prices with exciting offers and discounts. We will also provide unlimited revisions free of cost. 

We are available for 24 hours so you can contact us anytime whether it is day or night. Our experts are always ready to serve you with the best quality services.

Working for your company's future

At Loop of Words, our main objective is to create content that gives a remarkable voice to your brand. Why not partner with us and get content that delivers results? 

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Q. How do you write a press release?
A. We first find your angle, explore your news story, write a catchy headline and subject which is a very important part, generate a strong first paragraph, include quotes, and in the end, we write authentic contact information of the company. 

Q. Can you provide any samples?
A. Yes, we can provide you with a sample of 100 words for your satisfaction.