7 Overriding Brand Awareness Strategy Ideas You Need to Know

7 Overriding Brand Awareness Strategy Ideas You Need to Know


Brand awareness essentially means the degree to which your target audience is familiar with your brand. That said, the relatability of your brand to your customers should be in such that it becomes a household name to them. And it’s possible with a thoughtful brand awareness strategy.

You must have heard people referring to instant noodles as “Maggie”, toothpaste as “Colgate”, or photocopying as “Xerox”.

Well, that’s the impact of successful brand awareness. The brand gets embedded into the lifestyle of the consumers in such a way that it becomes synonymous with the product name.

So, if you want to make your brand a household name, you need to put in a tremendous amount of creativity, passion, hard work, and patience. That is, you have to strategize your brand awareness efforts.

This article will help you do exactly that. So keep reading to know about seven brand awareness strategies to up your marketing game.

Top 7 Brand Awareness Strategy Ideas

You’ll need a dedicated action plan to execute these strategies. Let’s get started.

1. Start your brand awareness journey with guest blogging

Guest blogging plays a significant role when it comes to brand awareness. This is because high-quality guest posting helps you get hold of the target audience. Here’s how.

Getting your brand in front of your target audience

Guest posting on high authority websites brings your brand in front of a wider audience.

So if your brand is not established as a market leader or has enough traffic, guest blogging is the way out. It helps you connect with your target audience while letting people know your brand.

And, the more people become aware of your brand, the higher are the chances they’ll take interest in your offerings. It essentially means more sales.

You can start by defining your buyer personas. Once done, you can reach companies or brands with a similar niche or audience to you. Once you find the right fit make sure to backlink it to your webpage to enhance credibility and build your SEO.

2. Humanize your brand with an animated mascot

Mascots play a significant role in developing a brand for the audience. They form an essential part of intelligent branding elements and help in brand personification and brand storytelling, thereby giving your brand a soul and a character.

Here are some popular examples of certain brands that have humanized their brand with a mascot

  1. Android’s Robot Mascot

With a round shape, round eyes and pointy ears, Android has a quirky and charming logo that gives the right message to people, i.e., modern and accessible.

  1. Colonel of KFC

The Colonel’s personality of a happy and jovial grandfather helped solidify the brand image of KFC. Hence, despite Colonel Sanders’s death, the logo has been retained to picturise a symbol of comfort and delicious food.

Emotions are central to our existence; hence in order to make brands relevant to people, mascots are a great way to start. Since they have human-like characteristics, people can relate to them more, thereby leading to brand awareness.

At Loop Of Words, we breatherd life into our brand mascot yesterday. Let us know how it looks!

3. Use co-marketing to your benefit

Co-marketing is another remarkable way to build brand awareness. With the help of co-marketing you can not only benefit from the audience of the other partner but also portray to the audience what your brand offers.

For example let us take the case of Taco Bell and Doritos by Yum Brands where both of them collaborated to create Locos Tacos and essentially use the Taco shell made by Doritos. This led to a spurt in sales for both Yum Brands and Taco Bell.

Co-marketing has the following benefits.

  1. Accessing new markets by building associations

  2. Gives the audience something exciting to talk about

  3. Building authentic and trustworthy relationship with customers.

Co-marketing for two companies having a similar audience can begin with working on a piece of content or carrying out a campaign. However, the most important thing in deciding on co-marketing with a certain partner is to ensure the goal and purpose are similar for both you and your co-marketer.

4. Increase your social shares: create shareable content

Social sharing is one of the most important ways to enhance your brand positioning strategy. When customers share your content, it works as a recommendation that helps potential customers to become customers. Following are some of the important benefits of using social shares:

  1. Enhancing conversion rates

  2. Developing brand authority by enhancing credibility

  3. Enhancing brand awareness through word of mouth

In order to increase your shares on social media, you can try the following ways:

  1. Use captions as well as heading that attracts the attention of readers.

  2. Post content when the target audience is the most engaged.

  3. Ensure that you use proper hashtags to reach the target audience

5. Stick to your brand voice and tone

In order to create brand awareness, it is essential for you to have a significant brand image to encourage people to buy. If people remember you, they will automatically purchase from you. Following are some of the examples of brands who actually have mastered their voice as well as style.

  1. Old Spice

The old spice commercial is quite goofy and has a fun element attached to it. It was also directed to men only, which hit a notch with people as something unique.

  1. Wendy’s

Their brand tone is indeed quite funny, and their team engages in a two-way dialogue with their followers.

In order to create an effective brand voice and tone, it is important that you gather a proper representative sample of your content and effectively describe your brand voice in three words across common themes.

At LOW, we understand how much brand awareness matters, and we can help you build a distinctive brand voice and tone with our brand storytelling techniques.

6. Join influencers and referral programs

Your brand awareness efforts can actually hit the mark when you work with influencers and existing customers. Influencers are what the audience wants these days and can be quite more authentic than basic promotional campaign. Thus, you would automatically witness a higher conversion rate in these cases.

For a robust referral program, you can create a giveaway or run a campaign. These can be about giving certain rewards to existing customers that they can earn by referring your brand to family and friends.

7. Start an industry-relevant podcast

Podcasts play a vital role as they provide a way through which people can connect with you authentically and not just promote you. Successful brand promotion can also work when you inform and educate your audience, thereby building a trustworthy relationship with them.

The Bottom Line

Creating a brand awareness strategy can skyrocket your business storytelling. But execution is the key. So if you need help in turning these strategies into an actionable plan, contact us for a free consultation today.