5 Key Attributes into Your Brand Storytelling To Stimulate Your Marketing Footprint

We all have heard about “Just Do It” by Nike. This brilliantly crafted brand slogan became a potent brand storytelling tool; it also invoked emotions among people to just do it and do it well. 

Also, as per a recent survey by Forbes, brand storytelling enhances the favorability of a brand by 22% in the eyes of the audience. So everyday business storytelling is a key to the success of your business. 

In this article, we will discuss five key attributes of brand storytelling. These will help you craft the best brand communication strategy and stand unique from the rest.

5 Key Attributes To Include In Your Brand Story-telling

Every attribute discussed below has a different role to play in brand storytelling. So let’s check them out in detail.

Make Your Ideal Customer “The Hero” Of Your Story

The common mistake brands make while storytelling is placing their product or service as “The Hero”. If you want your customers to trust your brand, you must tell a story where your customer plays the main lead.

Let us take an example in this regard. The co-founder of Apple, in 1984, understood the fundamental element of good storytelling. Hence it launched its 1984 Super Bowl commercial, which was mainly for its Macintosh computer. However, the ad was only for the last 10 seconds. It actually worked as a perfect conclusion of a power-packed film.

The purpose of the advertisement was not to push people to buy Macintosh computers but to narrate the story of a hero who ends up saving the world. 

Well, Apple narrated a story not just promoting their actual product but representing their brand which worked really well for them. So, if you have not seen the ad, we definitely recommend checking it out.

Use Your Data as Your Primary Arsenal

When you introduce business storytelling into your marketing strategy, it does not mean you have to sacrifice data. Instead, effective content marketing balances both of them. For example, Microsoft devised a content resonance study called CRS. It is a quarterly report that gives them a real insight into their customers’ search and browsing within the digital arena.

Are you thinking of creating your own data report? Well, we definitely encourage you to do that, as understanding the type of content and language of your customers can help you create and position your content in a valuable way, thereby adding value to the connection with your customers on a personal level.

Moreover, by using a data report like that of CRS, you can prevent wasting time on such content that does not really engage your customers. Through a thorough data report, you can connect to your customers at an emotional level, thereby creating a bang on a brand story.

Portray Authenticity in Your Brand’s Messaging

You can’t get your way through flashy marketing tactics. It’s a fact. Hence you must establish authenticity while delivering your brand’s messaging. The tone of your storytelling should be consistent with your brand values. Try to give people more insights about your product, services, and pricing so that people can perceive your brand to be authentic.

In this case, one of the best examples is that of Amul. For years, it has portrayed in its brand message how the company is committed to sourcing its milk and allied dairy products from the best ingredients along with ethical means.

Infuse Value for Your Customers In Your Messaging

To infuse value for your customers in your messaging, you should try to answer the following questions.

  • How can your brand services enhance the lives of customers?
  • What makes your brand different from the rest?
  • What benefits do you offer customers to save time or money?
  • What is in store for customers who engage with your brand? 

As brands, if you proactively address these questions through your efforts, you actually infuse the values you would provide to your customers in this process.

Let us take the example of Ikea, which not just talks about its furniture, but tells the story of its brand, which genuinely cares about its customers. If you check out their website, you will see a direct yet conclusive line in their About Us section “To create a better everyday life for people”.

 Despite becoming such a large enterprise now, Ikea believes in establishing a connection with its customers and creating value for them.

At LOW, we focus on brand storytelling by understanding your customers’ problems and how your solutions can help them. Through our customized brand messaging, we try to create a brand story for you about you can solve their problem through your solutions.

Attracting the Attention of Your Customers with Emotions

Human emotions are not just powerful, but they tend to linger long in their minds. According to a study by Forbes, brands that focus on connecting their customers through emotional marketing have shown a 23% increase in their sales.

Take the case of Paper Boat Beverages. They tried to connect their non-carbonated drink flavors to childhood nostalgia. Even if you head up to their social media handles on Facebook or Instagram, you can see that brand uses doodles to celebrate childhood memories.

To attract your customers’ attention, you must connect with them at a personal level. Your brand storytelling should focus on the conflict and how your services can resolve them. You can also use your brand creator’s story to influence how they created the brand and achieved their feat. These elements help to highlight your brand from the rest of the crowd.

Amplify Your Brand Storytelling With Loop of Words

At LOW, we believe in experiential marketing, i.e., not just marketing your services but how your brand focuses on value creation for the people. And also how people can establish their connection with your brand. We aim to create a prospective brand proposition for you, increasing your brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Please book a consultation call with us to understand how your customers can benefit from brand storytelling.

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