Top 10 digital marketing trends to level up your game in 2021


Keeping an eye on the latest trends is a ritual that needs to be followed to stay in the game. When it comes to digital marketing, understanding these trends and the driving force behind them should not be missed if you want to make it big..

Here are the top 10 digital marketing trends that have stood in the game for long and are likely to be the future of digital marketing for sure. Let us go through each of them in detail –


This AI-based technology has been an essential part of digital marketing in 2021 that uses instant messaging in real-time with the customers or website visitors. 

A survey shows that chatbots will constitute around 85% of the total customer service by 2020, consisting of several benefits such as 24 hours service and instant response to the customer query. A majority of customers prefer to interact with chatbots due to their prompt response and accurate recalling of your details, making sure that the customer doesn’t lose patience. Because these virtual assistants offer excellent customer service by satisfying customer’s expectations and needs, it has become one of the favorite ways among consumers to interact with a brand.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has always proved its dominance, and that will be at the heart of global business and industry in the coming years. Let us understand this better with the example of Microsoft and Uber. These companies use Knightscope K5 robots for surveillance purposes in parking lots and large outdoor areas to keep an eye on any criminal activity. These robots can report any suspicious activity, access license plates, and collect the data. The interesting fact is that you can rent these robots and the cost is estimated to be less expensive than the salary of a human security guard!

The above example explains how artificial intelligence has entirely changed how we do things and that technology will soon be the driving force behind most of the services we offer and receive.


Personalization is the key to standing out from the crowd in 2021, and there is no doubt that it will ever vanish. One of the most famous examples of personalization is that of Cadbury. The company launched a personalized video campaign that illustrates a dairy milk share with users based on the details collected from their Facebook profile. The information included age, interest, and location. The video campaign generated a 65% click-through rate and a 33.6% conversion rate, proving the power of personalization and the wonders it can make happen!

Video Marketing

If not the only one, video marketing is one of the important marketing trends currently and is likely to stay in the market for the next 10 to 15 years in the row. 

  • 70% of consumers say that they find video content more engaging.
  • 70% of the business owners say that video content has massively improved their conversion rate and engagement.
  • 51% of consumers say that watching product videos brings in more confidence and makes them believe in the authenticity of the product they are about to purchase.
  • 65% of consumers visit the marketer’s website, out of which 40% go for a call to action after watching video content.

These figures clearly show that video content is the most interesting and popular way that consumers feel interested in and want to learn more about them. However, one issue that digital marketers often face is video content marketing. The gradual shift to mobile devices is outcasting the concept of sales pages and emails. Nevertheless, the same content can also be presented in a different format that functions perfectly irrespective of its use. 

Influencer Marketing

It is one of the latest digital marketing trends that has been giving exceptionally outstanding results in terms of driving traffic. Influencer marketing focuses mainly on using key leaders and influencers to broadcast your brand message to a larger market that is usually active on social media platforms. 

Influences can be well-known celebrities or people who are key figures in their field. Still, mostly they are YouTubers or Instagram personalities with a huge following that can be used to drive buses and share the word about your business or product through their social media platforms and channels. Experts consider influencer marketing as a promising trend because –

  • Around 65% of users believe and trust influencers and their opinion about anything they share on their social media or talk about often. Sometimes it is much more than what businesses say about themselves, and your influencer marketing can fill the gap between the two.
  • 59% of people usually go for the product they see their favorite influencer talking about or recommending frequently.

However, experts speculate that influencer marketing may be affected by artificial intelligence as it makes the process of finding the right influencers to collaborate with more comfortably. It helps businesses find better engagement and higher scope of getting a good return on investment.  

Social messaging apps

For a moment, let us quickly run through the below-mentioned figures –

  • Facebook Messenger has 1.3 billion monthly active users.
  • Over 10 billion messages are sent over Facebook messenger between people and businesses every month.
  • WhatsApp has a base of 1.7 billion active users, where 56 billion messages are sent through the platform every single day.

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat have many more combined users than Facebook or YouTube combined.

The above figures clearly show that social messaging apps have insane popularity. Since people spend most of their time on these platforms, it offers an opportunity e to businesses to figure out where their potential customers are most active. Let’s look from the perspective of a business. These social messaging apps can be extremely useful in sending pictures or messages to customers directly. It has a personalized interface and creates immense value addition to the user experience. 

Visual search

According to a Social Media Today report, 62% of the users are more inclined towards visual search capabilities than any other search technology. It also revealed that over 600 million visual searches happen on Pinterest each month. It is one of the digital marketing trends that takes the user experience to a higher level. Visual search is the latest technology that allows people to upload an image and conduct a search to get more detailed insights and specific results for what they want to know about. 

One such example of visual search is the Pinterest lens. The company came out with the lens as a visual search tool that allows users to take the photo of an object and search if they can buy it online, view pinboards of the related items, or search for similar products. 

Google lens is another prominent example of visual search, which recognizes objects and puts a landmark through the camera app. The user can find where they can buy similar products. It also allows the user to use barcodes to find information about a product. Therefore, we can clearly say that visual search is the future of marketing. Marketers can get an edge over others by following this trend in 2021 to draw more customers and serve them with the best possible quality.  

Voice search and smart speakers

The increasing popularity and usage of smartphone assistants and speakers such as Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa have clearly skyrocketed in the past few years. According to the latest voice search trends and statistics, 41% of people use voice search at least once every day. With the continuous improvements in voice search technology and enhancement of voice-enabled functions, we can clearly say that the latest voice search statistics can now identify the latest trends showing how the customers’ search habits continue to diversify and move forward. 

Social media stories

It is another effective way of connecting with the audience on social media platforms. It is an excellent opportunity for marketers to make fair use of this feature as these stories disappear after a fixed period. 

The feature of social media stories was first introduced by Snapchat, followed by Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Apparently, this feature offers several benefits such as increased brand awareness, constant engagement, interaction with the audience, increased traffic on the main web page, and more opportunities to reach new and younger audiences. The story’s format’s main idea is to match steps with the modern lifestyle and people’s sharing habits. 

Augmented reality and immersive technologies

According to a Garter prediction, 70% of the businesses are likely to experiment with immersive technologies by 2022, out of which 25% will prefer to have deployed to production. It will allow the platforms to become more conversational and personal in interactions by incorporating expanded sensory channels, ranging from virtual personal assistants to chatbots.

While virtual reality extends the scope of growth in a few markets, augmented reality is much more practical and implementable from the marketing perspective. Therefore, it is common speculation that AR may continue to dominate the market share than virtual reality. 


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