6 Ways To Build Connections on Twitter for Business


You can meet hundreds of people in 2 minutes. Is it possible? Yes! Technology has given us marvelous platforms where we can start our interactions through messages, images, video clips, and audio/video calls. Twitter is the top social media platform for business among all others. You can send innumerable short messages that are also called tweets on Twitter. Overall, it is the primary source of publicity with its unique features.

It brightens up both personal and professional standing. Billions of people tweet daily to update their personal activities, promotions, business scale, and also do brand awareness. They share links/URLs of their marketing blogs, initiatives, campaigns, and websites with a large number of audiences. Thus, the promotion of research is the main benefit of Twitter, especially when it comes to digital branding.

Moreover, building relationships with influential marketers, keeping up the latest trends, and participating in online events are other specialties available on Twitter. Building connections is an essential part of the overall marketing plan.

So you must apply the following ways that are used by highly successful companies for better digital branding:-

1. Regular tweeting and retweeting others

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After managing the business account, you need to tweet 20 times as your entry per day. Your daily public updates, such as asking for feedback on your digital brand marketing, will make you familiar with many new people. Also, give feedback on others’ work. Your this type of introduction will allure people to follow you. 

Likewise, you also need to be a follower of some famous personalities like entrepreneurs, for instance people behind successful startups such as Fully-Verified, and trending conversations to further get in touch with their followers. Show your interest in them and start some interesting new product launch sessions. All in all, the more you respond to someone, the more people will notice your profile. Thus, you can widen your social circle. 

2. Generate interesting content and share

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Engage on social media to manage your professional blog, website, journals, achievement pages, newsletter writings, articles, or any other creative work. Then, share the links on Twitter. When a large number of audiences go through the link, web traffic will increase; hence your connections would also increase. Remember to interlink your profitable site with that piece of writing.

Clearly mention your goals to attract targeted audiences. Keep the content in a conversational tone and short in length. Text overpowers images and images overpower videos, so use everything according to the requirement. Also, try your hand on analytics to monitor your work.

Start advertising your products. Or offer services like graphic designing, content writing, software development, and whatever according to your digital brand management. You can also go through the loop of words to look at the showcase of its services. It provides the original content and topmost offers with full credibility. Do everything in an appealing and creative format with offers and discounts. Thereon, give attention to graphic designing and web designing for impressionable posts.

3. Use hashtags and easy to access keywords

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Most of the time, hashtags are used for social media campaigns. Using them is a wonderful technique to highlight your digital branding. Clicking on the message with the hashtag opens up more hashtagged tweets. These are usually for trending items, brand names, and activities. There can be local hashtags, activity hashtags, and some of them are sometimes related to unique keywords.

Keep them unique, creative, short, and memorable. Then, work on promoting by using the same for emails, blogs, and websites. Keep them simple for your audience to find. In other words, keywords must be easy to navigate through. But how to identify the right tags to use? Go through this right tag service for the clarifications. 

Similarly, use keywords related to your industry to target your audience for new connections. Also, you can join parties by using hashtags and meet with millions more. You can also relate your profile to the special and a trending keyword on Twitter. Thus, hashtags and pinned tweets are boon for digital brand marketing.

4. The best customer service

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The better is your service towards your customers, the more new buyers will come into your contact. But you must have an effective customer service strategy to stop your customers from bouncing on your competitors. After receiving the best consumer service, it would be helpful for your prospective clients to consider your agency as the best one.

Firstly, when you engage on social media, customer service messages should be to the point. This thing gets the conversation reached immediately on the main point without redundancy. Secondly, you need to keep in mind that no use of mincing words should be there. The reason is that everything is open to the world to see. So this front-facing would quench the queries of others as well. It will also help to grow connections and awareness. 

Customers’ compatibility and convenience are necessary to grow sales on this social media platform for business. For this, some ways are-

Using inviting tags for better engagement on social media.

Polite conversation is necessary during digital brand marketing.

It is an informal application. Don’t worry about cracking jokes or sharing non-academic content for better and open relationships with members.

Take the negative comments also into consideration.

Offer some vouchers, gifts, rewards, or discounts to keep customers happy and connected.

Finally, set up a dashboard for customer service.

5. Connect with competitors’ audience and other conversations

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Another way to prove your digital brand management, the effective one is by connecting with competitors’ audiences. Therefore, you need to identify your competitors in the digital market and then follow their customers or followers. It is to know their demands, mind-sets, and conversations. It will significantly help to make improvements according to the need of the public.

Moreover, you will get to know some reasons for the publicity of your competitors. Then you can prove to the public that your brand’s quality is the best in the market. This opportunity can create your network further.

Generally, conversations of other people on social media websites may usually disturb you with notifications. Contrarily, you can take advantage of that. If there is some public meeting or webinar or shout out, you should definitely engage on social media for your introduction. Wish “good morning” publicly or send birthday wishes if you receive a notification about that of someone. 

It is essential to engage in social media to share some useful information. It will make the receivers feel that you are paying attention to them. Then, automatically they will follow you and may instill sincere interest in your business profile.

6. Reputation management on social media

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Just remember, your reputation is more important than anything. So, follow all the rules and regulations and SEO tactics.

Some points to remember

Use the Twitter search in an effective way

Use Twitter lists to manage contacts

Next, your actions put the first and last impression. So be careful about your type of followers, your interests, your messages, your profile, your photo, and your bio.

Keep track of your followers and further their followers. So use twitonomy to get details and check the real profile of any user by just filling his/her username.

Explain your bio efficiently to tell people clearly about what you want and who you are. It is a little difficult to understand initially for everyone due to the diversity in languages and regions. However, you can find many ways to pass your ideas to others for better results of reputation management on social media.

Furthermore, being a sociable person is the first responsibility on Twitter to pay attention to those who are starters. They don’t know what your company is about, what your efforts are, and what your services are. So you need to converse with them, introduce yourself, and retweet their posts to make them feel frank to talk.

Bonus ideas

  • Twitter interview – an interesting way to interact and hire 
  • Show your recognition through shout outs
  • Bring customers through another social media platform for business
  • Engage on social media with influencers
  • Use Twitter cards – many types are available
  • Share the content of already famous parties to be in touch with their followers for your beginning of a network circle.

To exploit this cost-effective platform to engage with millions of people, you need to make different endeavors daily. Apply the above techniques and do according to the decisions of digital brand management. Connect with the leading digital branding agency “ loop of words “ for any services like content writing, graphic designing, website development, and any other social media services.

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