5 Common FB Marketing Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Digital Branding


Facebook is the top social media leader founded by Mark Zuckerberg. The modern generation has just gone mad behind this company. When you open Facebook, you can access the mind-boggling number of people. The root of this jam-packed situation is the gift of staying connected with friends, families, and relatives. Additionally, people share different types of content with a large number of audiences. So a lot of them receive those valuable things for personal and professional uplifting.

Some endless opportunities given by Facebook for business digital branding are:- 

  • Improving SEO
  • Digital brand marketing
  • Increasing web traffic
  • Brand awareness
  • Meeting with billions of people
  • Learning new things
  • Showcasing talent
  • Brand awareness
  • Insight of any customer or friend 
  • Knowing the recognition of a company

Importantly, Facebook marketing is an integral part of digital branding and digital brand management. It has coverage around the globe from one corner to another. Besides, one can combine a channel with other marketing channels to grow audience and sales. Also, Facebook has some useful formats for digital branding to interact with clients.

Formats of Facebook Marketing for Digital Branding

  • Lead generation ads
  • video ads
  • Slideshow ads
  • Collection ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Image ads

Overall, you would definitely have been shocked after going through its highly-advanced features and profitable offers to prove the marketing plan successful. For a complete guide of Facebook for business, refer here

However, don’t ignore the fact that if Facebook can promote your business, it can be the reason for the disaster as well. One thing to remember while using Facebook professionally is you must learn the rules carefully without neglecting any mistake. Only regular posting is not enough for digital branding.  Doing it right is the main aspect of an intelligent online marketing strategy. If you’re not sure how, a company like The Marketing Heaven is who you need to turn to, in order to achieve brand awareness in no time. Let’s now peep into the 5 common FB marketing blunders. Improve if you are doing and avoid their use next time unlike those who have ruined their business with these mistakes.

5 common FB marketing mistakes which can affect your digital branding

1. Poor quality content

digital branding

Content is the reflection of a brand. The more appealing and valuable your content is, the more customers show interest in the brand. So be careful when you engage on social media for business purposes.

Therefore, text, images, videos,  designs, advertisements, and everything should be the perfect piece of art leaving no misunderstandings behind. Using poor quality photos and not purchasing advanced services may force people to think about one’s poor financial management. Online marketing is a cost-effective method. But when you are on a social media platform for business, compromises are a must for better results.

Some people update too few words that provide incomplete information while some over-exaggerate the topic. It makes the reader highly-bored and determined to never revert to waste their time again thanks to the irrelevant post. Additionally, that full page of content usually results in bland and banal proved information and language. Especially poor command over grammar puts a bad impression on the informed reader about the company.

Meanwhile, you can contact Loop of Words. It is the company where you can get services like graphic designing, content writing, creative writing, technical writing, software development, and so more.

2. No promising profile

digital brand marketing

You should be adept in all possible ways of the best reputation management on social media. If your profile is not appealing enough, they would only like and share it with your friends and relatives asked by you. For better results,  you need to fill the complete information about you and your brand strategy to make an appealing digital branding. Mention your all aims, targets, scope, value, demands, contact details, address, work hours, and URL.

Secondly, in the last few decades, the people who created their fake accounts for some personal benefits had to undergo great legal difficulties. They also ruined their image on social media and millions of people criticized them. Remember, when you engage on social media and are surrounded by many followers who want your posts, don’t ignore them. Suppose you are not informing your followers about the reason for your online absence. It means they will lose connection with you due to the long delay but also your carelessness.

Furthermore, lack of your brand credibility, breaking up of promises, and low quality of products can also be the reason for the downturn of digital branding. Equally, updating the irrelevant and not trustworthy content also results in a fiasco at the end. These careless points come under an unpromising profile.

Go through the Loop of Words’ Facebook profile to look at the organization of their services, profile, and posts.

3. Practicing old tactics 

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Facebook has updated a lot of new features and algorithms with which you must need to be familiar. The first example of Facebook’s new algorithms is complying with CCPA(California consumer privacy act). This act ensures the personal information of California’s consumers and they can know about who is using their privacy. And It also can help to protect your business.

An example is that a collection list including links and images is shareable now publicly. This can be helpful for business partnerships and influential entrepreneurs’ collaborations.  Many other features have also been updated to improve the programs, policies, products, and obviously sales and businesses. 

Old tactics consist of just winning likes, shares, and comments. Instead of it, one should focus on the promotion of business, brand advocates, and any improvement or changes required. If you still engage on social media holding an outdated Facebook marketing approach, you can lag behind the modern tech-savvy companies.

4. Poor judgment and research

reputation management on social media

Using the wrong statistics and illegal self-promotional content are examples of the deadliest mistakes in business. Similarly, commenting on a post that is already the target of criticism is harmful to your reputation management on social media.

In any case, if you provide irrelevant data to your customers, it also proves your poor judgemental and research skills. Moreover, a company having no clarity of its audience is also hazardous to digital branding. For example, the posted content does not comply with the targeted audience. Another mistake is posting frequently for brand visibility about some festivals rather than relating it to the companies’ core message.

These points mean that your research skills are not applicable to cope up with international reputed companies. Contrarily, you need quick-witted thinking and wise decision-making skills before sharing anything publicly. These skills would save you from destroying your credibility done by annoying posts.

5. Poor customer service strategy

social media platform for business

Customer service is the bone of the business. Your good customer service strategy can bring the attraction of more customers; to the contrary, poor service can be a marketing disaster. It is usual that some users send negative remarks publicly on Facebook. But it only depends on you how you manage them.

 Before you engage on a social media platform for business, you must know the examples of some successful and unsuccessful organizations’ services. So you can follow the former and stay away from the later. Some common mistakes being done are to delete negative comments. It can be a problem because people would surely vent out their bad experience on some other online platform.

Another option people prefer is to ignore negative feedback. Don’t do this ever. Even negative feedback is a great opportunity for you to improve your digital brand management. It will not only be beneficial for you but also satisfactory for the complainers.

Moreover, answering unprofessionally on Facebook where everything is open for the world to see puts a bad impression. 

On the whole, you should not delay quenching the queries of the customers. Joint training of customer service as per needs.


We are sure you would have understood the role of using Facebook in the right manner to stay far away from destroying digital branding. It is a social media platform for business where increasing eyeballs is easy but only on some conditions.

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