10 Successful Brand Storytelling Examples to Inspire You

Brand Storytelling essentially refers to the strategy of combining narrative, creativity as well as data to produce and create a strong identity with that of customers.

By narrative, we essentially mean combining the storytelling elements. The storytelling elements comprise characters, setting, rising action, climax, conflict, and dénouement. By creating a combination of these points, brand storytelling is essentially woven.

Since brand storytelling plays such an important role, it is essential to understand successful brand storytelling examples by companies that turned the tide for them.

10 Successful Brand Storytelling Examples to Inspire You

You absolutely can’t miss these brand storytelling examples.

Airbnb – Community Storytelling



Airbnb’s brand storytelling has a creative use of storytelling along with consumer data. When we check the content of Airbnb, we see that it is also a lot about community and local hospitality, delving more into local and personal travel experiences.

For example, they share host and guest stories on their social media platforms. This essentially has helped them to cultivate trust with their potential customers.

The Spotify Wrapped Story


Spotify has edged up its brand storytelling with its annual marketing campaign, i.e., the Spotify Wrapped.

Spotify Wrapped essentially allows users to reflect on the music choices that hooked them on the platform. So, apart from getting insights on how frequently they have listened to music, users on the platform also get insights about their top streamed genre, artists, etc.

Thus we can say they have definitely made data their primary arsenal in creating a compelling business story.

McKinsey’s Emotion Archive


McKinsey’s Emotion Archive is an online storytelling hub that analyses and captures the personal stories of hundreds of people across the eight countries who came forward to share a piece of their lives during the pandemic.

This business storytelling is an effective strategy by McKinsey. By collecting micro data content about people’s families, health, as well as finances, people start relating to and understanding the brand at the macro level.

The Story of Land Rover

Land Rover Journeys – Himalayan Experience

Company heritage plays a significant role when it comes to a brand story.

Instead of telling the brand story from the point of view of the company, they chose to broadcast it by telling it from a remote village in the Indian Himalayas. They showcased how locals used Land Rovers to travel through the treacherous roads.

This helped the audience relate to it emotionally, thereby delivering compelling brand storytelling.

Warby Parker Eyewear- The Social Motive


Since the eyewear industry is usually high-priced and controlled by oligopolies, Warby Parker thought of creating something different. Instead of directly selling glass frames and sunglasses, they invited customers to become essential to their brand movement.

They build their storytelling by delivering a socially conscious brand that believes in a genuine vision. Hence the company donates a portion of its profits to NGOs that make primary eye care available to impoverished nations.

Whirlpool’s Care Counts Laundry Program


The Care Counts Laundry Program by Whirlpool is a unique data-driven storytelling program that combines data with storytelling, thereby creating an emotion-driven campaign.

The campaign’s goal is to provide kids with the opportunity to do laundry. This is because, as they say, 1 in 5 students do not have access to clean clothes, thereby enhancing their chance of dropout.

Truly an innovative brand storytelling campaign that captures essential data insights incorporating a critical social angle.

Hinge’s Delete the Dating App Story


The brand story of Hinge is indeed a unique one as they go by the tagline “The dating app designed to be deleted.” It is truly an authentic dating app that evokes emotion among people.

Unlike dating apps that talk more about their services, Hinge has changed the narrative. Per their narrative, a dating app’s story ends when the user finds their true love. This instantly connects with the people, showing how Hinge genuinely follows the “Customer is the king” policy.

The Coca-Cola and Santa Claus Story


90 years ago, Coca-Cola helped bring the image of Santa Claus to life for its Christmas advertisement. It all started in 1920 when Coke used the image of Santa Claus in various magazines.

The main reason for this was that they wanted to change the idea of Coca-Cola from a hot weather drink to an all-weather drink as they created the tagline “Thirst knows no season .”

A stellar brand storytelling move that actually shaped the appearance of the modern Santa Claus. By aligning themselves with that important character of Christmas, they created a powerful brand story that spoke of joy and happiness.

Old Spice – The Man you Could Smell Like


Back then, Old spice was really feeling the competitive heat as there was a widespread perception that Old spice was mainly for the old.

However, thanks to the innovative brand advertising campaign by Old Spice. The ad shows that by using Old Spice, one could align with the traits of a “perfect man.”

This is something that created a humorous tone with the audience and helped them develop a unique brand story.

Pampers and the Stinky Booty


In 1956, unsatisfied with the regular change of his grandson’s cloth diapers, Procter and Gamble researcher Victor Mills took on the challenge to create a disposable diaper.

Today, Pampers is a trusted brand, and much credit goes to its brand story, from the packaging to the storytelling, which features happy and laughing babies of all genders and races.

The brand story really helped pampers to become a brand that people could trust for the personal care of their babies.

The Bottom Line

The brand stories we shared with you have added a mix of emotions, strategy, and brand message to their content. You can do it, too, with the right consultation by your side.

Besides, creating a brand awareness strategy can also help your business grow to great heights.

Not to toot our own horns, but we happen to provide both — a custom brand awareness strategy and storytelling consultation to help you identify your brand story mix. So contact us today and book a free consultation slot with our storytelling experts.